When Kaylee Rutland steps into a room, people smile. Her traditional country vibe mixes with today’s cutting edge sounds to form a uniquely irresistible style that flows perfectly with her down-to-earth, humble charm.

Kaylee’s newest single, “Pick Me Up” focuses on breaking through the everyday routine. The soulful, upbeat chorus serves as a reminder that there’s never a bad day to plan a good time. Her longtime producer and mentor Jamie O’Neal, a four-time Grammy nominee, appreciates the way that Kaylee’s contemporary flair incorporates a healthy respect for the traditional.

“I love that she has a fondness and appreciation for the historical voices of the Grand Ole Opry like Patsy Cline,” Jamie says. “It’s wonderful to be able to write with someone who has an authentic love of country music.”

Kaylee’s music makes an unmistakable connection with listeners as evidenced by her tremendous social media following. She has been named one of Billboard Magazine’s “10 Country Artists to Watch,” and she finished in the Top 10 of the inaugural Nash Next competition thanks in large part to her fervent fans and remarkable engagement levels. Kaylee’s passion and purpose overflow every time she steps behind a microphone.

“Sometimes people just need a song that motivates and encourages them,” Kaylee says. “Even when times aren’t great, I want people to know that they can always pull through.”

Growing up in Texas, country music made a lasting impact on Kaylee’s personal style. She was 8 when she first fell in love with singing, performing her first solo for a Christmas musical at her church, and by her teens, she had fully committed to writing her own songs.

“Reba, Carrie Underwood and Sara Evans were a natural part of my life growing up, because I was always listening to them on the radio,” Kaylee recalls. “Each of them continues to inspire me, and when I look at the songs I’ve written over the years, I can point to the specific places where they’ve influenced my writing.”

Kaylee is currently working on completing her studies at Belmont University, where she’s received dean’s list recognition. The way she sees it, every step she takes in life is something to savor and celebrate. With an attitude and perspective like that, it’s easy to see why she’s so good at creating so many smiles.